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Comnet is proud to offer network Managed Services on Demand. We will help you identify your network resources --Asset Inventory---of tracking, managing, and generating reports on IT asset inventory. Comprehensive hardware, software, and Microsoft patch inventory information will be made available on demand and make available valuable reports. All this will be performed by us remotely without affecting your day to day operations.

Additionally, we offer:

Patch Management--which provides security compliance analysis and automated patch distribution. It also delivers executive reporting of patch distribution actions, compliance coverage across the enterprise, and identified vulnerabilities and potential severities. Included in Patch Management is the SLA tracking capabilities to accurately manage, report, and track the delivery of patches. Integrated Help Desk features automatically create a ticket for each patch error and expose the error details within the help desk ticket. Configurable alerts and notifications are all just part of the comprehensive patch system services offering.

Security Assessment:
Defining security assessment is complex and difficult. We take the complexity out of assessing the security of your IT assets by combining antivirus, patching, and software auditing to come up with an easy and efficient way for you to measure the security health of the PCs in your environments. Scoring whether antivirus and antispyware are installed, how old the antivirus definitions are, how many critical patches are missing, and what the PCs Windows update settings are, allows us to provide comprehensive assessment reports and facilitate to quickly assess and fix security issues and take remedial measures.

Software Distribution:
Our Software Distribution engine enables us to to distribute and install patches and un-install packages remotely.

Software Utilization:
Software Utilization is becoming more and more important as companies are starting to crack down on license compliance.
Our software utilization engine capability service tracks when software applications are run and by whom. We will make available trending, usage, license compliance, and license harvesting reports. We use Harvesting technique of finding out where applications installed but the end users are not using them. We then use software distribution engine to deploy an un-install package or a command to un-install the application and harvest the unused licenses.

Software Catalog:
We use our software catalog engine to assign and report on software by categorization. This enables to quickly see how many antivirus applications and versions, personal use applications, FTP clients, etc. is present in your environment. We use the Department of Homeland Security's categories for industry compliance. Also provide for roll-up reports for easy license compliance tracking.
For example: How many copies of Microsoft Office Professional are installed at a customer site? Normally you would have to add up all the 97, 2000, 2003, and XP versions of Office Professional mixed in with the Standard and Enterprise versions to figure that out. Not any more. We've normalized the titles so they roll the count up to one number for each title. Then you can drill into the count to see how many of each version are installed.

Help Desk:
Our Help Desk component provides trouble ticketing and tracking as well as management reporting and trending. The One-Touch Help Desk integrates everything to solve your problems. For example, trouble tickets are integrated with the user's most recent system inventory information for rapid troubleshooting and resolution. We can also access our remote tools for immediate repair of remote machines. A workflow engine allows us notifications bubble up to your staff automatically.
We can also enable a system tray icon that allows the customer to create trouble tickets with a single click.



  • Continuous monitoring of your network
  • Problems are spotted and fixed before they experience any downtime
  • No need to invest in any new hardware
  • Dozens of checks carried out every 5 or 15 minutes
  • Regular reports to keep track of your network’s status and health
  • A remote monitoring and management solution at a cost-effective price.